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  This course is designed for foreign travelers in china. The aim of the course is to enable students to use simple daily Chinese and solve the problem of dealing with daily issues such as food, accommodation, transportation, or emergency situations during travel. The language of the course is practical and close to daily life. This course is suitable for the Chinese learning beginner.
  • Tian he
  • Tian he
    As a Master of Teaching Chinese to Speakers of Other Languages in Beijing Language and Culture ..... Details

Course chapter

  • Lesson 1漢語簡介(Brief Introduction to Chinese & Course Overview)
  • Lesson 2自我介紹(Self Introduction)
  • Lesson 3詢問信息(Ask for Information)
  • Lesson 4請求(Request)
  • Lesson 5感謝和稱贊(Thanks and Praise)
  • Lesson 6道歉(Apologize)
  • Lesson 7在飛機上(On the airplane)
  • Lesson 8在機場(In the Airport)
  • Lesson 9在酒店(In the Hotel)
  • Lesson 10在餐廳(In the restaurant)
  • Lesson 11在商店(In the shop)
  • Lesson 12在銀行(In the bank)
  • Lesson 13在交通工具上(On the transportation)
  • Lesson 14在醫院(In the hospital)


  • Ideal Virtual Classroom

    Video, images, sound, text; synchronous transmission, Media/Real/Flash, audio effects - free for you to choose.

  • Flexibility and Convenience

    Breaking through time and space constraints, you can learn Chinese whenever and wherever you choose with a tailored pace.

  • Expert Faculty

    Our Chinese teachers have rich experience and a good understanding of foreign learners' thinking patterns; they will show you an amazing way of learning Chinese.